Freaky Friday


I feel quite fortunate to be cast in the Roxie Theatre’s production of Freaky Friday the musical as Kathrine Blake.  This will be the debut of the show in the San Antonio area.  It is a wonderful honor to get to create a concept for local audiences. 

The show will run 31 Aug until 28 Sep.  The rehearsal process is abbreviated and intense.  Balancing the rehearsals, lines, songs, personas of an A-type Mom (ok, not that far fetched for me) and a 16-year-old (a bit more of a reach) and of course my demanding day job as a Women’s Health RN is quite an undertaking for me. Luckily, I have an ever-supportive husband and musician at home to guide me through some tricky harmonies.

The cast is well-assembled and are very credible in their parts.  We are looking to fill the ensemble a bit more as the rehearsals plow forward with great fervor.  I haven’t done a musical in about 10 years.  I have done a few concert-like shows and music revues but not a musical in all its demanding glory.  However, I missed the stage with a great and over-whelming craving and this opportunity presented itself.  So, onwards and upwards!!!

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