I auditioned for a cruise line with Roxie from Chicago, Somewhere that’s Green from Little Shop of Horrors, and Betty Davis Eyes by Kim Carnes. 11-minute audition…so much fun.

I had the wonderful experience to get a paying gig for my expressions.  An industrial in-house training promotional video for DMX illustrating the type of atmosphere they can set for clients such as Abercrombie and Fitch.  They set the lights, scents, and music to entice the shopper to buy, buy, buy.  

Isle of Capri Casino in Louisiana hosted a car give away.  Who wouldn’t want to win a car while gambling?  I got to work with a well-known furry co-star named “Renegade” the Bulldog.  That adorable scene-stealer had better resume credits than I had and had just wrapped a film with Kate Hudson.

Both scenes (“The Argument,” above, and “The Elevator Scene,” to the right,) are from my first full-length Independent Feature Film entitled “lover, Invisible.”  The Director is now an Entertainment Lawyer.  The film was a dive into the psyche of a woman who had no real remorse and would do what she could to ensure any means provided suited her desired end.  I played the morally bereft Caroline.

My first Horror feature length shot in Kentucky.  I played a young wife killed within the first 5 minutes of the film.  If you get a few minutes of screen time and a chance to die, you have the “holy grail” of support character scenes.  A chance to make it memorable.  So, I chose to own my death and fully threw myself into the realty created in those moments. 

A phenomenally fun time with a highly talented director from UT who is now out in LA.  I played an evil step sister who experienced a dastardly fall.  Fortunately, her sister worked in the morgue making up corpses.  However, she had an uncanny ability to re-ignite the flame of life in those she made up for at least the duration of a song.  It was my first time inside a coffin.  So luxurious and serene.  Seriously, some of the best sleep I have ever had. 

A short film I shot near Cincinnati where I got to play a figment of a man’s imagination.  That figment was the embodiment of Marilyn Monroe atop a bar.  Ummmm…yes, please.  Sign me up.  Not only did I get a chance to imitate someone I adore but I got a killer isotonic workout for the quads squatting on that bar singing.  The locale had unusually low ceilings and genuinely tested my ability to feel the burn of those quad muscles while playing out a fantasy sequence.